“Kayla is a brilliant and encouraging editor. I can’t think of a better person to guide a writer through the process of fine-tuning a manuscript.” — August McLaughlin, author of Girl Boner: The Good Girl’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment 

“I had the pleasure of working with Kayla over the course of a year while writing my first book. As this was my first experience with publishing, Kayla was an invaluable partner for me to have during this time. She is knowledgeable and flexible about all things publishing, and she really helped me navigate what, at times, could be a confusing process. Kayla is a creative thinker and thoughtful with her feedback to your work. She is also detail-oriented and keeps you on track with timelines and deliverables. She is fully invested in seeing your work become the best it can be. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has communication-related needs on their projects or for their business. I hope I can work with her myself again soon!” — Dr. Amelia Burke-Garcia, author of Influencing Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Online Influencers

“The best part of working with Kayla is that she helps you to see you through the story you want to write, and not the one she or someone else thinks is there. She does this by really listening to your ideas and giving you room to investigate them fully. She is the kind of editor who realizes her responsibility is to the story you’re trying to tell, and not to some other agenda. She’s also a great cheerleader which can be so reassuring in those moments of self-doubt all writers experience.”  — Jane Rosenberg LaForge, author of The Hawkman
“I am a marketing and communications professional and worked with Kayla when I needed someone to take care of my clients while on maternity leave. Kayla is professional, reliable and very knowledgeable about all things marketing. I didn’t have to worry about my clients at all while I was out.” — Gina Borud, Owner of Design Scribble
“In 2018 I had the good fortune to co-edit my second novel, Flamingo Lane, with Kayla Church. During that entire process Kayla remained thorough, professional, upbeat, and refreshingly precise in her suggestions to improve my book. Kayla is a skillful, dedicated editor, and a pleasure to work with.” — Tim Applegate, author of Fever Tree and Flamingo Lane
“Working with Kayla was a wonderful experience. She maintained total professionalism while guiding my work through the editing process, and yet she was always attuned to my personal vision of the final result.” — Kathryn Berla, author of The House at 758The Kitty Committeeand others.
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